The Bubskis

If you’ve ever wondered who the MASTERMINDS were behind Gamer Noms, look no further… and don’t ever call us masterminds.  We’re a bunch of dillies.

Benji “The Heej”

Gamer by day, bartender by night. Benji is the more handsome twin. When he’s not passed out on his couch from working 60 hour weeks, you can find him playing games like Cuphead, Super Ghouls and Ghosts and Super Smash Bros. He usually has the scruffier beard between the twins and is quick to chime in with his dry one-liners and goofy laugh.

Birk “The Giant”

Standing a whopping 5 foot 19 inches tall, Birk is the tallest member of Gamer Noms. He’s a marketer by day and a gamer by night. He’s also our tech guru — editing the podcasts, running the website and more! He’s scared of way too many dumb things, but thankfully drinking and play video games ain’t one of them.

Alski “Old 1K”

The other half of the dynamic twin duo, is ole Alskibub. Also a marketer by day (He and Birk work together) and an avid gamer by night, he’s most known for being the instigator and the fire-starter. You get a group of dumbasses together and you’ll find Alski leading the pack to hell and back.